• Overall context

As the African continent is full of natural resources, international law must play a crucial role for ensuring sustainable management of these resources, for the benefit of African citizens. Efforts to internationally regulate the use of natural resources have been through the adoption of specialized treaties, spanning from environmental treaties (climate etc.) to more specific instruments, for example on fisheries, agriculture, land etc.

  • Work Plan

The Natural Resources Project will focus on providing an international law perspective to salient policy issues concerning the management of natural resources in the African continent. The project will also provide an African perspective to existing general and specialized treaties; analyze states’ practices (signature, ratification, implementation etc.) in relation to natural resources-related international legal instruments and ensure that they are fully aware of their rights and obligations. We currently work on the following topics: (i) Land governance and agricultural investments, (ii) the sustainable fisheries management (including illicit fishing); (iii)  oil & gas regulation (including environmental standards in oil & gas), (iv) climate change and (iv) renewable energies.