Our approach is to be proactive and reactive in providing international law advisory services to African stakeholders. While our objective is to cover all areas of public international law, our work program focuses in priority on areas of direct, immediate and critical relevance to the situation of African States and the continent at large. In particular, we give precedence to programs that are directly relevant to national public policy, that impact economic development and create a level playing field for African States.

  • Proactive advisory

We independently identify public international advisory opportunities in the light of certain context and realize them by preparing international law reports and guidance notes after engaging with the concerned actors whenever necessary. As such, we anticipate issues or questions that may significantly influence public policy, raise awareness of actors and offer them technical solutions for resolving such issues or questions.

  • Reactive advisory

We serve our stakeholders by responding to their requests for technical advice on specific questions having public international law relevance. In this respect, we consider domestic and public policy issues for which we draft legal reports and memoranda in the light of international law. We also provide case law analysis and provide research assistance and representational services before international courts and tribunals.